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Feature List Comparison between Odyssey and Trident (PDF)

Feature List Comparison between Odyssey and VNS 11 (PDF)

Nobeltec TimeZero FAQ (PDF)

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Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is the most dynamic, cutting-edge PC-based navigation software available. Built on the same award winning and innovative TimeZero chart engine used in Nobeltec TimeZeroTrident, Odyssey makes TimeZero technology more accessible to more boaters. Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey offers a completely new, sophisticated user interface designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. The chart engine redraws charts seamlessly allowing users to easily zoom, pan, change chart display modes, and perform other chart handling functions without limited range presets.

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with full time 3D chart rendering. Users can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates traditional chart plotting presentation. Or users can choose to pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale instantly. There is no limited “3D mode” because Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey operates in a true 3D environment at all times.

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey uses MapMedia 3D charts and users have the opportunity to choose which data they prefer from multiple chart sources in the mm3d format. The options within the MapMedia data include official S-57 vector and raster charts from hydrographic offices around the world, as well as vector charts from C-MAP by Jeppesen and DataCore by Navionics.

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey integrates with Furuno’s FA30 and FA50 AIS units, standard NMEA 0183 navigation sensors, and NMEA 2000 networks.

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is only compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) systems.


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TimeZero Minimum System Requirements
Nobeltec Odyssey

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey Highlights

  • TimeZero Chart Engine
  • Includes free NOAA raster, vector and 3D charts for US waters(*).
  • Free high resolution satellite photos for the US. are available.
  • Supports multiple types of charts:
    • mm3d raster charts from local hydrographic offices
    • Official S-57 vector charts in MM3D from select hydrographic offices
    • mm3d C-Map by Jeppesen vector charts
    • mm3d DataCore by Navionics vector charts
  • No Dongle needed to secure the software or the charts

Feature List Comparison between Odyssey and Trident (PDF)

Feature List Comparison between Nobeltec Odyssey and VNS 11 (PDF)

View the Odyssey Product Brochure (PDF)

Nobeltec TimeZero FAQ (PDF)

  1. Odyssey in Split Screen with AIS (left) and Satellite Photo overlay (right)
  2. Odyssey in 3D mode with Color Depth Shading
  3. Odyssey in 2D mode with PhotoFusion in the Bahamas
  4. Odyssey in 3D with PhotoFusion in the Bahamas
  5. Odyssey in 3D with Depth Shading
  6. Odyssey in Split Screen with Raster & Vector Charts
  7. Odyssey with Nobeltec GRIB Weather in color
  8. Odyssey Navigating in 3D with Photo Overlay
  9. Odyssey Box
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